Heating Equipment
Installation & Repair


Improve the efficiency of your home or office heating system to significantly lower heating bills

Ben Oil Co Inc has Certified Oil Burner Mechanics who conduct annual inspection and on-call service for your heating system to ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency without posing any safety risks to your family, your community, and the environment. Our comprehensive annual service cleaning contract includes cleaning, inspecting, adjusting, and upkeep of your burner, nozzle and oil strainers/filters, burner controls, boiler or furnace, combustion chamber, and smoke pipes.

Moreover, if your burner is more than 10 years old, then it could be racking up your energy bill. Upgrading to a more efficient burner system can provide your family with cost-savings by up to 30%. Contact your HVAC experts at Ben Oil Co Inc for immediate repair service or for advice on the most appropriate heating equipment for your home.

Our Burner installation and repair service includes:

  • Certified and trained Oil Burner Mechanics
  • Complete burner and oil tank repair and replacements
  • A wide range of burner equipment to choose from
  • Assistance for Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) individuals
  • Service and support
  • Servicing Nassau and Suffolk
  • Competitive pricing
  • Speedy, reliable response times